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We welcome you, Gia G! Do you remember when you started playing guitar and the reason why you chose to play this particular instrument?

Hello,  yes I started when I was 17 yrs old ,   I was always fascinated about Guitar , and wha toy could with the instrument



You release instrumental works. What is the reason for this choice?

Will you maybe   add vocals in the future performed by you or a professional singer?   I do both , I have another project called Devil In the Mist which is signed to same label as GIA G , Sliptrick Records , which all vocals



How easy is it for music fans to accept an instrumental album?

This last release went awesome , biggest release I ever did,  so it depends how catchy the songs are , you can’t just shred scales and appregios with no rime or reason to show people how fast and clean you can play and call yourself a song writer , people will not buy or listen , this last release had catchy songs .



What do the critics and reviewers in magazines and what do the fans say about your music?

I got huge positive with reviews of the EP, a few were not , , fans loved it , I don’t have many fans on the shred guitar world , as that’s where all the negative comes from , but I never wanted to be  part of that world ,  so I could care less what those players think of me , the feeling is mutual about there playing to lol,  I don’t think much of them as far as being anything of something worthy of even listening to lol



Your songs have flow. You don’t just glue riffs. You work out your every composition and just start it from somewhere and end it when the idea is completed. How do you actually write a song?

Thank you very much for the compliment and noticing that . Sometimes the songs just flow right out and others some take time on step at a time , I sometimes write them as one step as a time ,  like 1 part I will write and do the leads , and then the leads sometimes or vocal leads I call them will dictate the next chapter or where im going with the song



Which guitarists have been your influences in making music?

Ah so many and so many bands ,  hard to sit all of them .   Eddie Van Halen ,  Jeff Beck,  Alan Holdsworth  Jimmy Page ,  Kirk Hammett , James Hetfield ,  Joe Satriani , Steve Via , Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads,  Iron  Maiden , Dio ,  Richie Blackmore ,  Jimi Hendrix , Stevie ray Vaughin ,  so many more  ect

How did the “Cosmic Wave” EP go for you? Are you satisfied with it?    Oh it went incredible , biggest thing I ever did,  still going on , the 3rd song Intricate Fusion , went #1   all 3 songs have know



You have a great number of endorsements. How does this work for you?

Almost 20. Know ,    its good and bad ,  there very hard to get ,  I haven’t yet been able to get a major guitar endorsement ,  seems there living in the past about that lol



Do you play live shows? Do you have a full line-up band or plans to form one?   Yes I do ,  but not  to much any more ,    I have studio players , but there on all my releases ,



Have you ever been asked to make a guitar clinic either online or in a music store?

Make. A Guitar clinic ?   I have been asked to give  lessons,  but you mean to be invited to one, no  never been asked to be part of one,  most are with shred guitar players which probably why I never get invited , as im not liked much in that world lol



Do you have any new songs coming up? What will the next release of Gia G be like? Will it be a full album this time?

Yes it will be a full length 10 to 12 song GIA G with Sliptrick Records , not sure suppose to bee next year , looking at end of next year ,  it will probably be my last for a long time or permanent  .



Thank you for the interview!! Please close with your contacts and the ways to order your merch and cds.

Your very welcome


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