Interview with Rükiye at Pyramis News


Welcome Rukiye, it’s a great honor to have you here with us

The honor is mine, thank you very much for having me.


Please tell us a few things about you and the early years

Well, all know I’m Turkish origin I grow in Germany and I love music, I work also as a dentist but my profession carrier as a musician singer started about 10 years ago.


You loved and grew up with Turkish music dew to your family’s background and later on you meet German and American music. 

Yes, exactly multicultural background that was a blessing for me and believe me I had my ears open …


You can sing pop, rock, ballads, RnB, folk. How difficult is for an artist to perform in all these different music styles?

It’s not a matter of difficulty a good singer can sing everything … it’s a matter of timing and what’s is in our souls and we want to express with a song.


You are also o multilingual singer, you can sing in Turkish, German, English and Greek! Is it important for you to sing in all these languages, and what are the difficulties of this?

To be honest it’s not easy to sign Greek because of my pronunciation but I take Greek lessons and I try lot to be better on that.


Talk to us about your collaboration with Giorgos Hondralis and how did this happen.

Giorgio’s is a great poet and he gave me some wonderful songs I’m very lucky that our roads came across and he’s in my life.


You have a very full music bio so far, but it is better you tell us in your own words about this spectacular job you have done!

I feel blessed for all that I had receive and I was able to give!


Please tell us about your remarkable album “Harmony” exclusively released by Spider Music, about your great performing and Giorgos Hondralis lyrical talent!

That album is in my heart and it have so so much more to give it’s just the start …


This summer we have the luck to enjoy your two brand new songs, “Send Me A Sign” and “Keep Me Forever” written by Giorgos Hondralis and Giorgos Giannikopoulos , of course again through Spider Music!

Yes, two new songs with my label Spider Music, the lyrics are so touching I could feel each word in my soul and the music incredible. I have no words for my songwriters … they are the best!


Thank you so much for this interview and we hope the best for you in the future!

Thank you! And remember… smile every day!


Official links


Rükiye | Keep me forever | Official Audio ReleaseⒸ


Rükiye | Send a sign | Official Audio ReleaseⒸ





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